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How to do transactions at Kasir.id?

The first step that must be done by the seller is to register on the Kasir.id platform. Seller can then create several stores and choose which stores to use first, and then the seller can directly issue invoices with or without catalogs.

Can the funds paid by customers be disbursed immediately in real time?

The funds paid by the customer will be first accommodated in our payment gateway escrow account, until the seller (the shop owner) requests the settlement of funds.

How to cash out the funds that have been accommodated at Kasir.id?

For settlement of funds from Kasir.id, the seller must make a request for disbursement of funds first, then choose which transactions to cash out.

Are there any fees charged for settlement fees?

There are no settlement fees

How long is the settlement process at Kasir.id?

If settlement is done before noon, it will be done on that same day, but if it is carried out past noon, then settlement will be carried out the following day. The settlement process can only be done on weekdays.

How do I check the transaction report at Kasir.id?

Reports available at Kasir.id include transactions from several different stores (if you have more than one store). You can check the status of: transaction details (transaction code, order ID, invoice number, bank), buyer data, item details and number of transactions.

What payment channels support transactions on Kasir.id?

Kasir.id provides payment channels which includes 9 types of virtual accounts, 5 types of credit cards, 5 types of business bankings, modern channels, and 4 types of e-money.